Ortivus UK receives an order…

Ortivus UK receives an order to deliver seamless integration of patient data from the Ambulance Service to Hospital, General Practitioner Systems and other Health Portals based on the FHIR standard protocol

Ortivus UK Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ortivus AB, has today reached an agreement with South Western Ambulance Service & NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group to proceed with the development of integration work based on the FHIR protocol. The intent is to provide direct integration from the MobiMed electronic patient record in use in the ambulance service to Hospital, GP Systems, and other Health Portals. The order covers an exploration phase, a development phase and a deployment phase and is worth at least £140K. The scope and order value might expand fur-ther, depending on the findings in the exploration phase. As part of the agreement the customer has chosen to order and prepay the entire project work in advance.FHIR, “Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources”, is a draft industry standard describing data for-mats and elements (“resources”) and an API (application programming interface) for exchanging electronic health records. It was created by the HL7 (“Health Level Seven International”) which is a health-care standardisation organisation.

“As the ambulance services interact with numerous hospitals, General Practioners and other care providers that are operating a large variety of patient care systems, standardisation of data and sys-tem interoperability are key success factors for Ortivus’ solutions. It will simplify the challenge of technical integration to surrounding care systems considerably, which is the most valued feature on our customer’s wish list. I am extremely pleased to receive this order from the South West Ambu-lance Service & NHS Gloucestershire CCG”.

Staffan Eriksson, CEO Ortivus
Stockholm, March 29th 2018
Ortivus AB (publ)
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